How to improve workplace productivity with ergonomic equipment?

By Fordhay

|News|Dec 2019


Workplace ergonomics are a hot topic. Comfortable seats, standing desks and vertical mice can support your everyday tasks. While this equipment is the ergonomic essentials, there’s a lot of items you may not know about. Monitor arms and CPU holders are two units you can add to your workspace to improve posture, productivity and efficiency.

What is a CPU holder?

The core processing unit (CPU) is one of many processing units that form a computer. As the most important element, the CPU controls the running, calculations and programming of the computer. The nature of most jobs require some form of smart device that a CPU is present in for example, laptops, smartphones, smart TVs and tablets.

A key piece of ergonomic equipment that is often overlooked is a CPU holder. The holder allows your CPU to sit elevated under your desk. This may seem insignificant but has many benefits to your productivity and efficiency:

Enable your CPU to move

When adjusting your desk from seated to standing, your CPU will not move with you. The CPU holder enables your CPU to travel up and down without compromising the security of your cables and devices.

Free up valuable space

Being such a bulky item of equipment, the holder hides your CPU under your desk. This keeps the CPU away from your working environment; creating space that doesn’t interrupt your workflow or productivity.

Easy access to the unit

With your CPU hanging under your desk, it’s always within an arm’s reach. The holder ensures you no longer have to bend down or crawl under your desk which can hurt your knees. Most CPUs rotate or move horizontally so you can adjust it’s positioning depending on your distance.

What is a monitor arm?

A monitor arm is an office essential for those concerned with ergonomics. A monitor arm allows you to adjust your screen’s height, direction and distance depending on the positioning of your desk.

Monitors arms hold multiple screens at once using single, dual or triple attachments. The ease of installation and no software required makes monitor arms a simple addition to your workspace. This item has even more ergonomic properties that increase your productivity:

Improve your posture

By adjusting your monitor in line with your seated or standing position, you ensure your posture is never strained. Over time, bad posture and straining can cause serious health problems for your back, eyes, neck and shoulders.

Work efficiently

With multiple screens attached to your monitor arm, you can easily switch between applications. This is especially useful when conducting research, referencing, development or creative work. You can move tabs between screens to create an efficient workspace.

Promote flexibility

Adding screens and adjusting your positioning promotes a flexible and supportive working environment. Monitor arms facilitate collaboration as you can move your screen in the direction of your team members. This allows everyone to see your screen clearly.

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