By Fordhay |CommercialDec 2019


Duedil is a premier software platform for private company information. We were asked to design and fit their office space in Moorgate, Central London. As a company set for great things, our main challenge was creating space to accommodate a growing team and their amenities.

With firm brand values, Duedil wanted an office space that inspires their team to produce great quality work every day. They wanted a large kitchen to support food and drink breaks, breakout areas for staff to step away from their screens, work stations that foster creativity and meeting rooms to encourage collaboration.

Project Name


Services Provided

  • Sector: Software

Square Footage

12345 sqft


7 weeks

While the entrance with the open plan kitchen area creates a warm and inviting environment, our main focus was space optimisation. From the open plan office, we strategically added meeting rooms down the side to keep them separate without compromising on space. We added a games area next to the kitchen for staff that wanted to get away from work. The new office has high-end facilities for almost 100 staff that focuses on improving staff morale and workplace productivity.

After the completion of the project, the team at Duedil commented: “They [Fordhay] did most of the work for us, they know the place very well and we feel comfortable working with the guys. They respond to queries and make the required amendments that we need extremely efficiently. The team have really transformed our space over the last few years and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team to other companies.”


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